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Apple Watch automatically detects golf shots

Fore with patented Automatic Shot Detection for the Apple Watch! If you have an Apple Watch 2, 3, 4, or 5 then you can let them track the shot detection and tracking. All you have to do is to follow the settings after pressing PlayGolf on the app. Advantage, your iPhone can then stay in […]

Can I edit shots as I play? As I don’t want to have to write all my shots on a piece of paper, then have to try and tie them in afterwards?

With the next big release in September 2018 (I will do a final test right after writing this mail), we will offer the option to edit pin position and putts while playing. The other shots had to be edited after the round. If you put in you profile the right club distances you will get […]

What happens if I have a shot in a bunker and don’t make it out. Can I record a second shot from the same location?

If you hit your next bunker shot immedately after your first, the system can not distinguish between shot and practice swing. But if you take a moment, with a new pre shot routine it could be that the system interpret the situation the right way. But not sure.

How does the auto shot tracker detect between shots and practice swings?

The system just takes the last motion per spot. So normally you make some practice swings and one real swing. So the system recognizes alle motions and knows that a golfer normally do only one shot per spot. The problem will be if you make a air shot.

How to use bebrassie?

Edit a course or create a new one

In this video I show you how to create a new course out of the courses in the database. That would be necessary if you want to play a tournament on a 9 hole course or you want to play a different setup of holes.

Bebrassie für Mannschaften

Für Mannschaften und Teams ist die Software ideal. Der Trainer erhält einen eigenen Account, kann dann eine Gruppe anlegen und die Spieler der Mannschaft einladen. Über die Gruppenfunktion kann er dann auf alle relevanten Daten zugreifen. So lässt sich das Training effizienter planen und individualisieren. Ich selber gehöre zum Ausbilderstab der PGA und wir nehmen […]

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Is it possible to use bebrassie in the tournament?

Yes, if the Committee make a Local Rule that allows players to use a distance-measuring device, the use of bebrassie (Rangefinder, Birdiemaker) is permitted. Use of bebrassie in the tournament

How can I use the coach mode and the stats as a coach?